July 29, 2015

Review: JORD Wood Watch Zebrawood and Maple

Today I have an exciting post to share with you all! I have been frantically giving my nails some much needed TLC in preparation of receiving this watch for review from JORD Wood Watches.

When I initially saw the email from JORD I squealed with excitement! With much deliberation (and help from my sister) I choose to review this gorgeous Zebrawood & Maple watch.

Just look at that gorgeous packaging!! I was almost as excited about that box as I was about the watch itself :) 

Luxury Wooden Watch

The quality of this product completely speaks for itself!

JORD (Swedish for earth, soil, land) features incredibly unique & intricate timepieces, with an authentic natural element you won't find anywhere else.

Each of their 100% natural wood watches are created by a team of experienced artists & watchsmiths. And due to the unique grain in the wood, each timepiece is entirely unique, no two watches are the same!

Another excellent feature is the all-wood backing on the watch, meaning there's no metal in contact with my skin. 

June 28, 2015

Review: Aveniro Glass Nail Files

Today I have a review of some glass nail files from a wholesale company out of Czech Republic - Aveniro Ltd.

They make a variety of beautiful files of all different shapes and sizes! (My personal favourite being the large pedicure foot file)

Of course I had to do a quick & simple manicure to match these beautiful purple/green files

They also have miniature files perfect to keep in your purse for on-the-go nail emergencies and travel :)

Here are some of their links:
Canadian retailer: Cosmitty Canada

June 3, 2015

Not a cloud in sight!

Today I finished the final academic requirement for my degree in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie!! Now there's only 12 weeks of clinical between me and that diploma! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :) 

This look was one I created a few weeks back and am only now getting around to posting. It was inspired by @peppermintpolish on Instagram (she has some incredible nail art I recommend checking out her work)

This particular design features Loreal Not a Cloud in Sight, OPI Alpine Snow and some taping & dotting tool techniques.

May 31, 2015

Splash Flowers: Inspired by The Lacquerologist

I have been meaning to get around to this design for a while now. This adorable "splash flower" look was originally created by Emily at The Lacquerologist way back in 2013 and I finally got around to following her tutorial and trying it out myself! :) 

For this look I used OPI Alpine Snow, Loreal Not a Cloud in Sight, and the black outline was done using a nail art brush and OPI Black Onyx. 

Emily has created this unique flower (and every time I see it I instantly know it's her work), and its super easy to recreate! So check out her tutorial and give it a go! (I would especially recommend this one for beginners)