March 15, 2012

Fun-Fetti Awakening

So far I love my new Cult Nails polishes... today I tried Awakening, and it is just a beautiful teal color! To add a little sparkle, I topped an accent nail with Finger Paints Fun-Fetti. Hope you like it :)

Apologies for the "scuffed" look on the nails.. I was in a rush to go out and didn't get the chance to photograph until I got back.. 

Look forward to a St. Patricks Day mani soon!


  1. Interesting teal! I love the glittery accent nail!

    By the way, I know I'm new to your blog but I love it so far so I've tagged you for a blog award! See my post here

  2. love the bling ring finger mani! x


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