March 10, 2012

Homemade lightbox

I read Sarah's tutorial for the Lightbox on ChalkBoard Nails earlier today and had to make myself one immediately. I also decided to take pictures of yesterday's manicure (surprisingly I kept it on for more than 12 hours) to show a comparison between a picture taken with my hand resting on the toilet lid, and a picture taken in a lightbox.

Before creating this lightbox, the best place to take photos of my nails was in the bathroom because the lighting was brightest and the pictures showed the closest likeness to the actual polish color. After taking only a couple pictures in the lightbox, I saw an immediate difference. (see below for comparison)

So, here is the picture of my homemade lightbox (with a little pizazz added because it used to be a box of fresh kitty litter and I had to cover that up)

And here are the comparison photos of each hand...

The lightbox photo is so crisp and it is almost an exact match to the actual polish color. I also didn't have to take nearly as many photos as I usually do (trying to get the light and angles just right).

Excuse the chip on the middle finger in the photo from today... I'm amazed it lasted more than 12 hours...