March 7, 2012

Purple Butterflies

I bought a new metallic purple from American Apparel and had to try it out... Violet Panache stamped with BM-205 and American Apparel L'Esprit.

Keep reading if you want to see my cats helping me take my pictures...

So.. a little thing you didn't know about me is I like to take my pictures in the bathroom (best lighting in my dimly lit rented house). And.. my lovely cats enjoy playing in the bathroom. They are obsessed with the sink. Bella (10months) loves to play in it and Salem (9yrs) usually sits on the toilet until I move the tissue box, and then sits on the top of it until I fill up the sink for him to drink from... Spoiled I know. 

Thus, while I was trying to take my pictures, both kitties decided to interrupt.  

So photogenic :)