April 29, 2012

Inspired by... a Nail Art Contest

It seems to me like this past week was dedicated to nail art contests.. this was not on purpose but I needed to get my entries in before I start my 31 day challenge (keep an eye out, it begins May 1st!)

Personally, I love nail art contests.. not because you can win cool prizes, but because they give me motivation to come up with awesome nail art. They also provide me a structured theme, which is always great because I waste hours on end just deciding what to paint on my nails, let alone the time I spend painting them.

I am entering this mani into Lippy Lucie's nail art contest.. the theme is "Inspired by...". This contest did not narrow a theme down for me because you could be inspired by anything.. but it still motivated me to come up with something creative. Lucie's rules were as follows:

So I would like you guys to create a nail art inspired by something!  It could be absolutely anything you like.. a fabric, pattern, place, food, celebrity, an event.. absolutely anything, as long as you let me know what your inspiration was!!

1. The contest is open Internationally!
2. I would love your design to be freehand but stamping is allowed
3. No decals allowed
4. You must let me know what your design was inspired by and if possible send me a pic of the inspiration
5. The nail art design must be on at least 4 finger nails
6. The nail art design must be on actual nails on a real persons hand!  Acrylics and extensions are allowed though!
7. Each person may submit only one nail design
8. The contest begins today (April 4th) and will end on the 5th May at midnight
9. The contest will be judged by myself and 2 of my friends and the winner will be our favourite, most original and creative design!

I was inspired by my new tank top with a cute tribal design on the front.. 

Indoor Lighting

Indirect Sunlight

I used Finger Paints Paper Mache as the base
Cult Nails Awakening on all nails other than the accent nail
Cult Nails Time Traveller (navy blue on accent nail) 
American Apparel Pink Ladies and Aldo Nail Lacquer Stay Gold Eldorado for the diamond


  1. Wow, this looks incredible!!! What a great job, Kelsie!!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!  I think you did a great job from a great source of inspiration.

  3. oh that is adorable!

  4. Thank you, thats so sweet of you! :)

  5. I have also been putting if off. The accent nail took such a long time and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to replicate it again so I just painted the others with a simple pattern lol... Tribal nails for the 31 day challenge will be a lot of work..

  6. I havebeendying to do a tribal mani but have been putting it off; yours looks great though!

  7. Oh my gosh this is so perfect! Even the gold looks raised like it is on the fabric! Fantastic job!


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