May 13, 2012


Today is one of my favourite days of the challenge, I love animal print! Normally I would create something with tiger stripes or leopard spots.. but I decided to step outside my comfort zone and do peacock feathers! :)

Check out these blogs to see what animal print the other ladies came up with..
Amanda at Nox Nails
Erin at Beauty Bumbles
Stephanie at A Little Polish
Jess at Nearly Natural Nails

I saw this tutorial on youtube a while back and recreated it for my boyfriend's sister (who's also my friend of course). You can see the photos of her nails at the bottom of this post.

As for my own nails.. I used:
Nina Ultra Pro Emerald City as the base
Stamped with BM-212 and Finger Paints Paper Mache
Dotted on gold (Zoya Goldie), blue (Zoya Tallulah), and purple (Finger Paints Vintage Violet)

This photo (below) is almost dead-on for Emerald City color accuracy, but as you can see my fingers looked incredibly yellow so I didn't really like it.. I have this issue a lot.. anyone have ideas how to prevent it from happening and still get color accurate photos?

And.. here are Shania's nails that I painted for her a few weeks back..