May 21, 2012

Day 21: Inspired by A COLOR

Finger Paints Artists Inspiration: What's more inspiring than that? lol

To be honest I wasn't thrilled about this day in the challenge, it seems a little boring since there was an entire portion of the challenge dedicated to colors already... but I do really love this color and the name fits! :)

I was sorting through my polishes on sunday and came across 'Artists Inspiration' and knew that this was the perfect polish for today. I bought this polish at Sally's about a month ago and still hadn't gotten around to using it... which is a shame because I absolutely love this color!! It was opaque in 2 coats and was relatively non-streaky for a metallic color.. you can expect to see this polish again..

So, I was inspired by Finger Paints Artist's Inspiration.. but I couldn't just do a swatch, so I did a little taping on my middle and ring finger with Rimmel 60seconds Desert Beauty.

From what I hear, most people don't like to paint their nails with brown hue's, but I love them. Either way, If you're apprehensive about brown polish, this metallic one is the way to go! It is so gorgeous! :)

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