May 25, 2012

Day 25: Inspired by FASHION

I am very unfamiliar with fashion and trends... so I did what any person would do and I googled it lol... and by it I mean "fashion". Luckily, this very helpful website came up: Fashion Magazine online. And I came across this gorgeous dress that Jessica Chastain wore to the 2012 oscars, designed by Alexander McQueen. (You can see the photo of the dress at the bottom of the post)

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Quick and simple... I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism as my base 
Stamped with Zoya Goldie and BM-222
Then freehanded the V's on the tips of the nail with black expressionism again. 
(Only one decent picture today.. my camera was low on battery and I couldn't get it to focus properly)

And of course, the beautiful dress that inspired me...
(click the photo to see original source)


  1. If only fairy tales came true.. :) 

  2. If I lived in a world where all of my wishes were granted, I'd totally love to wear this dress and get you to paint my nails :D INCREDIBLE

  3. Looks so great!

  4. wow you interpreted that well - inspired with the chevron x


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