May 30, 2012

Day 30: Inspired by A TUTORIAL

Can you believe it?? It's the second last day of the challenge. This month has gone by so fast! I'll be sure to do a summary post of the challenge in a few days.. but for today I have nails inspired by a tutorial which are also suitable for Pink Wednesday!! (I haven't participated in pink wednesday in ages!)

Don't forget to check out the other girls that are doing this challenge with me.. 
What tutorials inspired their nail art today??
Amanda at Nox Nails
Erin at Beauty Bumbles
Stephanie at A Little Polish

I ended up doing two manicures for this one, the first manicure I tried was an epic fail (you can see photos at the bottom of the post). But then my second attempt at a different tutorial was a success. I have a bookmarked folder in my "favourites" with links to various tutorials I want to try, so I had lots of backups. 

Now, without rambling on, I give you my nails inspired by this you-tube tutorial by NailsKathy.

 I've seen these slim-lines manicures around a lot lately, and I love them!
I used Finger Paints Black Expressionism as my base and did the lines with KleanColor neon pink.

The next two photos help to show how neon the pink polish is (my skin just looks a little discolored)

My original plan was to do a dry water marble using this tutorial by DIY Nail Art Design. I wanted it to look like this gorgeous dry marble design by Nailsymo. It did NOT work out as planned... my sister said it looked cute when she saw it at a distance, but when I showed her up close she was like... "oh.. you should take photos from further back" lol. 

I will have to attempt this another time.. if anyone has any advice on how to improve I'd love to hear it!