May 31, 2012


Here we have it... the 31st and final day of the Challenge!! For the last day I recreated a manicure from Stephanie - Day 14: Flowers. I originally wanted to recreate her awesome tribal nails, but I didn't have enough time for such an intricate design. I'll try to recreate those another time. Besides her tribal nails, I adored her flower nails.. such a cute and unique idea for stamping... so I picked out some pastel colors and here you go...

I used Orly Gumdrop as the base.
Then Stamped with SE-20, Finger Paints black expressionism, paper mache, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri snappy sorbet.

I would also like to shout a big THANK YOU out to the girl's that joined this challenge with me... 
Amanda at Nox Nails
Erin at Beauty Bumbles
Stephanie at A Little Polish