June 5, 2012

My Cousin's 13th Birthday!

My cousin Phoebe had her 13th birthday a little while ago, but she had her party last saturday. Her and a few of her closest friends had a sleepover and invited me along to do manicures! :) My sister came along to help me out by painting base coats and I went to town with my Bundle Monster stamps and dotting tool! I actually did this for her and some other friends last year... my abilities have come a long way since then.

I showed the girls some old manicures of mine to give them a few options.. each of them chose a different stamping manicure, it was so much fun! :D

Starting with Phoebe: she picked my peacock manicure from "animal print" day of my challenge. You can see my original manicure here to see the polishes I used.

Keep reading to see what the other girls had done: (in no particular order)

Olivia loved my pink gradient nails that I did for day 10 of my challenge. We used some different pinks though, and I love how hers turned out... 

Katie liked my pink zebra nails and even opted for the accent nail: 

Andrea liked my Bundle Monster contest entry nails :) So we recreated those with slightly different colors for dotting.

And last but not least: Hayley tried magnetic nails first, but the polish was being stubborn so we decided last minute to do a stamping manicure. She wanted to recreate the manicure I did for Gosia over at Life in Color. See my original manicure here. But we changed up the colors and it looks like a completely different mani, I love it!

I hope the girls had as much fun as I did. It was fun listening to them gossip and joke around with each other, I miss sleepover parties :)