June 3, 2012

What you May have missed

The month of May was a busy one.. 31 days of nail art!! But a lot was going on behind the scenes throughout the month... so this post will cover what you "May" have missed... (get it? lol)

*Sorry, this is a long post.. but I urge you to keep reading :)

First of all I did a few guest posts for fellow bloggers..

Carmela from Polished Indulgence asked me to do a post for her while she was away, that post went up on May 2nd. Click the photo below to see the freehand art I did for her and hammie :) 

To my pleasant surprise, Carmela sent me a few goodies when she got back in town as a thank you for doing the guest post... (how cool is that!)  

In my package was a lovely post card, A nail file from Bermuda, a cute seashell charm that I put on a necklace... And some polish (see photos below)

This is Revlon Nail Art Breakup (two polishes in one!) Fatal Attraction.
Fatal (base coat) & Attraction (crackle top coat) Gorgeous combination! 

And these two lovely polishes are Sally Hansen Salon Project Runway
& Color Club Wish Upon A Rock-Star

Thank you so much Carmela for the goodies and letting me do a guest post for you! :) 

The other guest post I did was for Gosia at Life in Color. She is currently gone on a trip to climb Mount McKinley!! My guest post for her went up on May 26th. Click the photo to see the stamping I did for her...

Aside from Guest Posts.. I also won a couple of contests and a giveaway! :) 

You may remember my entry to Lindsey's nail art contest at Neverland Nail Blog...
while I didn't win the contest (some gorgeous tribal nails did).. I did get an honourable mention..
With that came this cute little package of some nail art decals (flowers) and rainbow striping tape! As well as a nice card from Lindsey :) 

I haven't had a chance to use any of this yet since the challenge ended.. but you can look forward to that sometime in the next little while.. I want to do something really interesting with the tape.
Thanks so much Lindsey!! :)

As some of you may already know, I won a set of the new 2012 stamping plates from Bundle Monster. Thanks to all your votes I made it to the top 50 in the Nail Art Contest.. and then the staff at Bundle Monster choose 25 winners to receive a set of their new plates. I should be receiving my new plates sometime before the end of this month... so there will be lots of new stamping posts! :) 

I would have purchased a new set anyways.. but winning a set was a huge bonus! Maybe I will buy a set anyway... but what will I do with it? ;)

One final little thing... I won a giveaway over at Varnished Valkyrie... that's right.. the one with Chanel Peridot!! :D  After two winners did not respond to the girls' email, I was the third one chosen and happily accepted. That should be in the mail this week and I will be doing a post of course, I'm so anxious to get it! :) 

There you have it... lots was happening behind the scenes during the 31 Day Challenge but I also made a lot of plans for the upcoming weeks... 

First of all, I am now http://www.kelsiesnailfiles.com  (that's right, I have my own domain!) And with that domain, there will be a blog makeover in the next couple of weeks! (So excited!)

I also hit 100 followers half way through May, so I will be having a giveaway of my own very soon... so stay tuned!! :D 

My nails are taking a much deserved break from polish at the moment (I have been treating them with a nail strengthener for days) but I will be back to regular posting later this week. Thanks for reading this long-winded post! (If you made it all the way to the bottom - I want you to remember that my sister's name is Catherine - in case the question ever comes up)