July 6, 2012

June Haul!

*Warning: This post is pic heavy!

I had a lot of requests for haul posts when I hosted my giveaway in June, so as promised I put today's post together. This is mostly my haul from June, but a few items were ordered in May and just took a while to get to me :)

Please keep in mind my stash is actually quite small (less than 200), so I have been purchasing all kinds of new brands out of excitement since I created this blog in February (when I had about 60 polishes in total). Idea: Maybe I should purchase a new polish every time I get a new GFC follower ;)

Now... on to the goodies!

I won these beauties in a giveaway back in May
 but they didn't arrive in time for my What You May Have Missed post.
From left to right: MATTÉSEELITE, Chanel Peridot, Warpaint Beauty Matte, China Glaze Techno
If you haven't seen my tribute post to Chanel Peridot you can click here

Lately I have been falling in love with various indie brands. Just in time too. I won these gorgeous glitters and some nail art jewelry from Kayla Shevonne's Nail Art Contest. Apologies for the blurry photo above (I took it with instagram on my phone)

The polishes included: Elemental Styles Fool's Gold, Iron Man-ia, & Unuseptium
Along with the polishes I had the option to choose 2 items from Kayla Shevonne's Etsy shop
I picked the purple leopard print ring and matching earings. I had such a hard time choosing between all of her jewelry that I decided to buy the zebra/leopard ring from her shop as well :) 

I bought a couple of Icing magnetiX polishes just after christmas, but since then new colors have been added to the collection. The gold and green are my favorites! I was also itching to get my hands on the new China Glaze magnet that included the star design! I purchased the polishes from the Icing store and ordered the magnet from Nail Polish Canada.

The Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polishes: (from left to right)
Plum Luck, Good to Grape, I Pink I Can, Bittersweet, Naked Ambition, Shell We Dance?
Sorry for the poor quality photo, it was difficult to get all colors accurately.

I picked up the Sally Hansen Salon polishes and the 3 polishes below on a trip to Wal Mart :) 

These three are Insta-Dri Speedy Sunburst (Pink) & Brisk Blue, and NYC Starry Silver Glitter

The mani above was created using Brisk Blue as the base, then I stamped using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue-Away & the giant plate below from Light In The Box. Then I filled in the details using Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape & L.A. Colors Art Deco Silver. The accent nail is NYC Starry Silver Glitter.

This plate was about $20 canadian from Light in the Box and it features 220 fake Konad designs. The plate is excellent! The full nail designs are about the same size as my Bundle Monster plates and transfer very easily to my nails. The only downside: I ordered this plate on April 14th! By mid May I still hadn't received it so I contacted the company and they confirmed that it had been lost and sent another one on May 22nd. It didn't get to me until the last week of June! I'm a fairly patient person but if you're purchasing from this website and you live in Canada, allow 6 weeks for it to get to you. 

These two beauties are my first ever Butter London Polishes :) Trout Pout & Marrow.
I splurged on these and paid $17 for each of them from Nail Polish Canada.
Trout Pout was worth every cent, but I have a few purples in my stash that resemble Marrow.

You can see my post featuring both of these shades here.

 Below are my first Sinful Colors Polishes :) Starting with the green creme and moving clockwise:
Pistache, Pink Glitter, Hottie, Nail Junkie, Frenzie, & Follie. The last two are featured in the manicure.
They were about $2 each at Lawtons Drug Mart.

O.P.I original Nail Envy.. I have tried every base coat on the planet in an attempt to strengthen my nails. My nails are extremely weak and thin and feeble. I was trying to avoid spending almost $20 on a bottle of this... but it seems to be my last resort. I ordered it from Nail Polish Canada along with other items (it was cheaper than buying it for $25 at Lawton's). I will be using it under every mani from now on until the bottle is empty. I will let you all know if it works out :)

These are my first (and possibly last?) Deborah Lippmann's! 
From left to right we have: Sugar Daddy, Mermaid's Dream, & Ray of Light.
These cost me a small fortune from Nail Polish Canada.

I ADORE Mermaid's Dream & Ray of Light :D
You can see my swatches of Mermaid's Dream in yesterday's post here.

Suggar Daddy (below) is gorgeous. Sadly, I think I have an exact dupe in my collection:
Nina Ultra Pro Molten Copper you can see here. I will possibly do a dupe post in the future.

And "What is that gorgeous stamp" you say?? Well.. that is BM-306 from the 

 My last addition to my haul post for June, I won these beauties in the Bundle Monster Nail art Contest and I am so thrilled... I cannot wait to try out the many many awesome designs!!

You can purchase this set from the Bundle Monster website (just click the link above) for just $21.99!
(for a limited time you can get them for $19.79) And from now until November 30th, if you use the code "thanks" you can get 10% off your purchase!
They are well worth the price! :D