July 22, 2012

"Natural" Blogger Award

I am so thrilled to have received this lovely award from three talented ladies in the last couple of weeks!! :)

First from Lillibit's Nail Art World
Then from Laura of Clothes, Cosmetics, and Chat and Sharra from The Blahg

Thank you all ladies so much for the nomination :)

This blog award is actually in spanish... I was told it means:
"For putting enjoyment before competitiveness. For being natural. THANKS!"

This award was accompanied by a question: What gets you hooked on a blog?

I have to say, for me it's nail art. I follow most blogs through GFC, but the blogs I love most and religiously follow are all on bloglovin' so that I can keep track of any new/exciting nail art trends and individual styles. I am not a huge fan of blogs which only feature swatches. While I like to see new collections I still pay very little attention to swatching. I also like blogs who post new/unique things on a fairly regular basis :) 

I am supposed to tag 10 other bloggers... unfortunately at the moment I am exhausted from running a 10mile race this morning so I will take a rain check on this part. (stay tuned)
*Edit: I have come up with 5 bloggers that I believe deserve more attention and more followers :) 
I would prefer to include one of my favourite manicures by each of them instead of coming up with 10 bloggers that I haven't already given blog awards too (which is a much more time consuming task!)

*If anyone has a problem with me posting a photo from their blog let me know and I will remove it immediately*

So I give you the 5 bloggers that I give the "natural" blogger award to (in no particular order):

Veronica from The Gorgeois
You may recognize this blogger from her guest post on my blog a little while ago. This girl is one talented freehand nail artist! She's fairly new to blogging and deserves way more followers!! :D So head over to her blog and check out her unreal nail art! My favorite mani from her blog is her entry for Concrete & Polish nail art contest back in June: Click the photo to go directly to her post...

Jess was one of the lovely bloggers who joined me for the 31 Day Challenge! She's a massage therapist so she keeps her nails short but her nail art is so cute! :)  This adorable penguin manicure is one of my favourites by her, click the photo to see the original post...

Nicole from Nearly Nailed
This girl is VERY new to nail blogging! But she has some awesome freehand skills and plans to do some different stamping manicures in the future. I love the leopard print nails she did, they are so bold and daring, and I adore animal print. I'm also super jealous of anyone that can do a decent freehand leopard print (which I have yet to accomplish). Click the photo below to see her post...

Caroline from Ideias de Caroline
Another new blogger who tugs at my heart strings with a flawless freehand leopard print... This girl has completed the 31 day challenge, and it was a task selecting one of my favourite manicures from the list! So head over to her blog and check out this gorgeous gold animal print mani among so many other unreal manicures! :) 

Anonymous from The Polish Squirrel
This Disney's Up! manicure is fantastic!! :) It's also one of my favourite movies. Another blogger with short but super cute nails!! And look at the freehand skills on that house! 
Click the photo to go straight to the post...