July 17, 2012

Pin it button!

As per a request from one of my lovely followers, I have added a pin it button from Pinterest to my blog posts. It will be found at the bottom of each post from now on and will link directly back to that specific post :)    

As you can see this pin it button was already added to my Salmon Fest post from yesterday

The button may take a few extra minutes to load when you click on the post but if anyone has any major problems with it, please let me know right away. There won't be a button added to this post or haul posts because I just assume that readers would prefer to pin my nail art only.


  1. Ah, I see. Well it won't be long til the Google monster eats Pinterest and it becomes hybridized with Blogger. :P

  2. It was a little complicated. It's the "pin it button for websites" found here:

    Unfortunately you have to put in the url for the site as well as the url for the specific photo... so I just decided to add the html code each time I write up a post and include the specific url for my blog post and pick a photo for the photo url.

    I was hoping to put it on my blog so that my readers can choose a photo the same as the "pin it" button you can get for your bookmarks toolbar on any internet browser... but that wasn't the case. And I'm not very tech-savy so I couldn't figure a way around it. If you find out a better way to do it let me know :)

  3. How did you add it? I'm still learning the ins and outs of blogger.


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