August 13, 2012

A-england Tristam with some butterflies

My weekend away has come to an end and I will be flying back to St. John's in a couple of hours. Before I head back I thought I would show you all a swatch and stamping mani featuring A-enland Tristam! :)

I ordered Tristam and Lancelot when A-england offered a sale on all of the polishes in their mythical collection. I love them!! The formula is great and Tristam is a gorgeous shimmery blue.. one of my new favorite polishes.

See for yourself...

My pictures don't do the shimmer justice.. It's especially gorgeous in the sun. 

As usual, I couldn't leave just the polish by itself, I had to add a little something. So I stamped with Konad special silver stamping polish and BM-307. I only stamped a couple nails because Tristam was so nice I didn't want to hide it all.

These pictures were taken in the hotel room bathroom in an attempt to get enough lighting. Sorry they aren't the best of quality.

I will be working with Lancelot soon and have a ton of manicures in mind for when I return home. I am officially done the summer semester now and I don't start my workterm until September so I have 3 whole weeks off :D Plenty of time to work on blog posts/tutorials.


  1. The butterfly's look amazing on this beautiful polish. Love it very much!

  2. The Fingertip FactoryAugust 21, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    Lovely polish! It's so gorgeous - and I LOVE the stamping! So cute

  3. This is a stunning shade and really suits you. Love the stamping too.

  4. Chameleon StampedeAugust 21, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    Gorgeous color... Love a-England!

  5. This is going into my Cool Nail Art folder!!! So nice and not overwhelming... Awesome!!

  6. Simple and cute :) And this got me extra excited because I get to pick my bottle of this up today!


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