August 17, 2012

Concrete and Polish Nail Art Contest 2

Hello my lovely followers, sorry I have been away for a few days there but a lot has been happening. I just returned home from Halifax on Monday night and finished up my last few days of work at my part-time job (that I have while taking classes). I was settling in for my two weeks vacation when I found out that my work term for the fall semester begins on Monday. As excited as I am to start my next work term, I am so disappointed that I don't get a vacation now until Christmas. :(

None of this will affect my blogging of course, I just thought I'd share a little tidbit of info with you all. Aside from that, I have been busy planning out some manicures over the next few weeks. Many freehand ones that I look forward to :)

Today I have for you another contest entry for Concrete and Polish. April loved hosting her last nail art contest so much she decided to throw another! Despite the fact that I won the last one, I was still free to enter this second one. Again it was a "play-to-the-judge" contest... So I went back to her "nail inspiration" board on pinterest and found a gorgeous dress to use as inspiration for today's manicure.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cafe Au Lait as the base, 
using Finger Paints Black Expressionism and a dotting tool I added the details.

You also may have noticed my new "watermark". I've been playing around with a few new ideas because I've had some issues with people stealing my photos, cropping my watermarks out, and posting them on instagram. So I'm trying to find new ways to incorporate my actual domain into my photos so that it's more difficult to crop out. I'm not so sure I like holding the piece of paper though, it puts my hand in an awkward position, so I will be trying a few other things over the next few posts.

And this is the gorgeous dress that inspired my manicure... I would kill to have that in my closet :) 

Stella McCartney - ”Lucia” design from her Fall 2011 collection

I also realized that it is mid-August and I have yet to do a haul post for July. Instead I will wait a few weeks and combine July/August since I didn't get that many new polishes this month anyway. 
So be patient with me :)