August 20, 2012

Sir Lancelot, the stud

If any of you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my latest post.. my poor index nail on my photo hand suffered a major break today while I was playing frisbee. On the plus side it happened while I was catching the disc in the end zone so it wasn't for nothing!

In result, my nails are all really short now (I could not allow them to be different lengths). Luckily I have a few manicures from earlier this week lined up for you to see... that will give my nails time to gain some length before my next addition to the geek nail challenge (which I will get to this weekend).

I did a swatch of A-England Tristam early last week, and today's mani features Lancelot. With studs from the born pretty store! :)

Base is Lancelot by A-England. I have to say I was hoping to see a little more red in this polish (it is supposed to be a red-black), but it turned out more black than I would have liked. 

I stamped with Konad special silver polish and the fauxnad plate from

Then I added the studs to the tip of each nail. It's not a look I would normally go for (although it seems I don't have a set "style" when it comes to nail art), but I found it kind of edgy and really liked it.

 Again, playing around with new watermark ideas. I think I will save the card to be used for instagram photos only and I will try watermarking my blog photos with my full domain in the center of the photos (like you see in the first photo at the top). I think it looks nicer than my handwritten note.

I have two other manicures to post before the weekend, by then I am hoping my nails will have grown to a suitable length to photograph again :P   Wish them happy growing!