August 8, 2012

Tutorial: Water Marbling

As Promised, today I give you my water marbling tutorial! :)

I originally attempted to recreate my neon water marble, unfortunately the polishes were not working nicely for me so I did the tutorial using Barry M polishes instead.

First of all, here are the supplies you need:

1. Base coat: I prefer to use white, it helps the colors to pop! :)
2. Polishes for the water marble: Barry M Cobalt Blue, Blueberry Icecream, Cyan Blue
3. Tape to protect the skin around your nail from getting covered in polish
4. *200ml cup of room temperature water (I used water that was sitting in a waterbottle on my desk
5. Toothpicks (for cleanup)
6. Small head dotting tool. I prefer to use the metal end in the polish, rather than a toothpick.
7. Dappen Dish with acetone (for cleanup)
8. Brush to use in acetone (for cleanup)

*Many tutorials I have seen used a solo-cup for their marbling, but I prefer the smaller 200ml cup. The polish doesn't have to spread as far to the outsides. Below you can see a comparison between the usual 455ml cup and the 200ml:

Ok, so once you have all the supplies, you are ready to begin! :) 

Start by prepping the nail and applying a basecoat (Sally Hansen Whirlwind White in this case). 
Once the nail is ready, tape around the outside of it to protect the skin from getting messy.

Before you start adding polish to the water, make sure that the caps are all loosened so you can work quickly. You want to use polishes that spread easily in the water (a little runny, not fast drying!). One at a time you want to start added a single drop of each polish until you end up with multiple rings. You can use as many polishes as you like, but for this tutorial I'm only using 3. As you can see in the photo below, the polish doesn't necessarily have to spread to the outer ring of the cup...

Once you have the rings of polish, it's time to draw out the design. I tend to start from the outside, but not all the way to the rim (as you can see in the photo above), and work my way to the middle. I drag the tip of the dotting tool along the top of the polish (not straight down into it) very gently.

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Repeat this a few times until you are satisfied with an area to use to dip you're nail in.

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Then, quickly, align the nail and dip it into the polish as shown:

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Hold the finger in place, and remove all of the excess polish from around the cup with a toothpick.

Slowly remove your finger to avoid creating any bubbles on the nail.

Tip: If you do end up with water bubbles, VERY gently dab the corner of a tissue on it to suck up the water! :) 

Once the polish is dry (which takes no time at all), remove the tape (I usually cut it off with scissors) and then clean up around the cuticles with acetone like you normally would. Top coat, and voila! :D 

Please remember to work quickly, and be patient with it :) It is a very time consuming manicure.

I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial! :D If you would like to see any specific tutorial please leave a comment on my tutorials page (you can find it under my blog header).