September 22, 2012

Inspired by Rebecca Minkoff!

Let me start by stating how completely excited I am about today's post! :)

Bloglovin' recently teamed up with Rebecca Minkoff to offer one "RM-lovin' blogger a $1500 shopping spree at". How cool is that?! 

I must admit I tend to shy away from designer websites for the number one reason that I am currently a student and cannot afford to be buying adorable clothing and accessories online. But... if I were lucky enough to win a $1500 shopping spree to I know exactly the items I would buy! :) Have you seen her handbags?!

For my fellow blogging friends... you really should check out this contest before it ends on Monday September 24th. Just go to to check out the rules for the contest!

For my equally lovely non-blogging readers... you also have a chance to win $500 to!! Just go to 

Now, Without further ado... I give you 3 manicures inspired by 3 unique looks from the RebeccaMinkoff fashion show that just happened at the New York Fashion Week!

Keep reading to see more pictures...

The first manicure was inspired by those gorgeous black and white pants! :)

My base is Finger Paints Black Expressionism.
I stamped with BM-221 & Finger Paints Paper Mache, then used the same polish to sponge on the tips.

Second was inspired by the blue and white dress. I was a little disappointed my manicure didn't turn out exactly as planned.. but it was still cute.

My base coat was Finger Paints Paper Mache. I stamped with Barry M Cobalt Blue and Mash-45 & 47
The ring finger was created using paper reinforcers for the half moon.

And finally, the third was inspired by the obre vest. One of my favourite pieces from the show by far. I didn't realize until after the dark beige on my nails was supposed to be a shade of pink. In the fashion show video you can see the pink more clearly than the picture.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cafe Au Lait as the base. 
Then I used a makeup sponge to do a gradient using Barry M Cobalt Blue & Cyan Blue and SH Cafe Au Lait. I used a nail art brush to paint the line using Orly Coffee Break. 

Wish me luck in the contest!! :)