September 3, 2012

Manicure for Kattclaws giveaway

Today's manicure is inspired by a photo I found on pinterest ages ago! :) Kattclaws recently announced a giveaway, and part of the requirements for entering is a mandatory manicure. She wanted something inspired by a photo of sorts and to avoid the usual tribal, galaxy, flowers, animal print etc.

I've come to realize she's also a little quirky (in a good way!) because she asked that we photograph the manicure while holding a lightbulb. So silly, and unique. I have to enter through instagram, so you will also see this manicure on there (@kelsiesnailfile).

There are way too many different polishes used in this mani to name them all, sorry. 

Below you can see the photo I used for inspiration. If you click the photo you can see the original source.

And here is one of the photos I took with the lightbulb to enter in the giveaway, you can also see the one I posted on instagram @kelsiesnailfiles