September 5, 2012

Manicures and Martinis

I am super lucky to have had a part-time job at the University on-and-off since 2009. Whenever I'm not on a work term, I have worked this job... with the best group of ladies you could ever ask to work with!! Seriously, super sweet, no drama, and so, so, SO much fun!

Myself and all the girls at work have been talking about getting together for martinis and manicures for a while now.... and let me just add that these ladies are also my blog's biggest fans! I love seeing them during the week and showing them my new nail art creations because they are always so supportive and enthusiastic! The weekend before last, after I finished up with them to start yet another work term, we finally got together :)

These four ladies have worked together for ages - Tish, Marjorie, Nancy, and Lynn (or aunt Nicky to me!). Unfortunately Tish couldn't make it to our party, but maybe she'll make it to the one we plan to have at Christmas. In addition the full-timers, another student - Kaitlyn joined us too! She's also super sweet/fun to have around the office :)  

And.. an extra few members of my family joined in the fun. My mom was in town that week so she helped out (The photos were a joint effort by her and my aunt nick). My sister helped out by painting basecoats and top coats and doing some clean-up with acetone for me... which was a huge help while I focused on the nail art :)  And finally, my cousin Sasha, who I don't get to see nearly often enough came over too, and it was so great to catch up with her!! :D

Now, without further ado... it's time to see the manicures from the party!! :D

 This design was partly inspired by Marta at ChitChatNails. Kaitlyn follows several nail blogs as well and adores her manicures using black&white designs accented with a bold color. So together, myself and Kaitlyn came up with this bold and edgy design.

The red is China Glaze Adventure Red-Y
Finger Paints Paper Mache. BM-203 stamped with Finger Paints Black Expressionism. 
Then I added a few square studs from BornPrettyStore.

 Sasha loves animal print and really fell for my "inspired by my bra" design from last week. Let me just say that my cousin Phoebe (who has been featured on the blog on many occasions) must get her super long and strong nails from her older sister Sasha. Sasha cut them down quite a bit for this manicure and they still have a nice length :)

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure I Pink I Can, Good to Grape, and Naked Ambition (as the base color on the accent nails). I stamped with BM-221 and Finger Paints Black Expressionism. Then added the colored spots using a dotting tool.

Lynn (or Aunt Nick) LOVES ladybugs.. so when I showed her my "to-do" folder of manicures I want to try, she fell for this one immediately! I have the photo that I used for inspiration but it didn't have a watermark so I have no idea where it came from. I tried to google it but had no luck. So, if anyone saw this manicure before and knows where I may have gotten the idea, please leave a comment and I will give credit. 

I used China Glaze Adventure Red-y & freehanded the rest with a nail art brush and dotting tool and Finger Paints Black Expressionism. On her thumbs are a few of the cute ladybug stamp on BM-307

 Marjorie was wearing a super cute Black/Turquoise shirt that I took the inspiration from for this manicure! :) She swore she would wear it all week to match her nails :P

The base was painted with Finger Paints Black Expressionism. Black nails were very bold for her, but I really love how it turned out!! I stamped with Konad special silver polish and BM-314 and dotted on Cult Nails Let Me Fly.

Last but not least is my blog's BIGGEST fan... Nancy!! :) She reads each and every one of my posts from start to finish and often sends me emails telling me about her favourite designs! I love and feed off of her enthusiasm!! :D

She adores the watermarble technique and has attempted it herself once (but refused to show me the results lol). Knowing that she loved the look, but not having enough time to actual do a watermarble, I created this watermarble look-alike.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Naked Ambition as the base. I stamped with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Bittersweet and BM-320. I painted the gaps with a nail art brush and Orly Gumdrop to give it a little more color :)

My mom and sister mostly helped out and painted their own nails while I worked on everyone else. But I couldn't have done everyone else's nails without their help!

I apologize for the very pic heavy and wordy post.. but, if you'd like to see more pictures of all the girls and the fun we had on that saturday, head over to my facebook page and check out my "Manicures and Martinis" album.