September 11, 2012

Time Warp Challenge: I should have been born in...

1960's!! :) (or 70's) Both have many similarities. I just love the neon, tie dye, peace, love, hippie era. I still have a lava lamp in my room from when I was a kid! :)

I'm sure you've all caught on by now but I am doing another challenge! This is another one created by Lindsey over at, I just couldn't resist participating in this Time Warp Challenge! (you can see the details of the challenge at the bottom of this post).

Day 1 is "I should have been born in..."

I thought about doing peace love and flowers on my nails but opted for lava lamp inspired nails instead!

I have to apologize for the terrible photos. Hurricane Leslie hit Newfoundland today so it was very cloudy and dark outside which did not help with taking color-accurate photos. 

Purple: Revlon Charming
Green: Sinful Colors Pistache
Pink: American Apparel Pink Ladies
Blue: Barry M Cyan Blue
Yellow: Finger Paints Lemon Sour

The lava lamp bubbles were created using a nail art brush and the various colors listed above. I then used two coats of Out the Door Fast Drying Top coat to even out the polish but unfortunately got a few bubbles in the manicure.. I also wish I used neons on a black background instead... this just didn't quite turn out as I had imagined it. (I will likely try to recreate this another time) 

Now, as for the challenge, you can see in the photo below what to expect for upcoming challenge days. Like the Summer Challenge, there will be two posts per week for four weeks. Stay tuned! :)