September 8, 2012

Too cool for school

While I am not currently attending classes (being on a work term and all) there are plenty who are. This week was the start of university classes as well as all of the local schools.

My cousin Phoebe (who has been featured here before) was over for a sleepover last weekend with her younger sister Mackenzie :) Since she started back to school this week, we decided on a back-to-school manicure for her!

Before I show you her nails I just want to say how envious I am of her super long, super strong and beautiful nails!! Her cuticles are in great condition and many people (myself included) would pay big bucks to have the strength that her nails have. They are also really easy to work with on my part...


See what I mean by long? :)

Each hand was done the same besides the doodles on the thumb nails (left hand was hearts, right hand star). 

There were a number of polishes used, if you want to know any just leave a message below, otherwise I'm not listing them out at the moment. 

Although, I do have to give credit to a few bloggers for use of their tutorials :) 
The index finger was created following the "I've gotta go no.2" tutorial at The Daily Nail Blog.
& I followed the apple tutorial at Rebecca Likes Nails for the middle fingers.  

I hope everyone is having a lovely week back to school and/or sending their kids off since spending lots of quality time with them over the summer break (I hope all you moms out there are enjoying your "me" time with mani/pedis)   :)