October 24, 2012

Let Halloween week begin!

I have to admit I have been feeling very un-inspired lately. Some of you may have noticed by the lack of freehand work on my blog. Truth is, I've been enjoying simple manicures and most of my freehand work hasn't been up to my own standards.

I'm hoping that since halloween is officially one week away I might feel a little more inspired to do some freehand work :)

Not starting today obviously... today is a stamped halloween manicure featuring Revlon Inflame.

The pumpkins are from BM-222 & BM-224 & stamped with China Glaze Liquid Leather
My skin looks ghastly white, that is thanks to my shitty camera.. it was the only way I could get a color-accurate photo of this polish.

Speaking of which, Revlon Inflame is a gorgeous red-orange with an extremely smooth formula. I adore it! :)