October 21, 2012

Review: Pedi-Sox®

This is the first review on my blog and I'm really excited about it. I've had two companies contact me before this, one was a makeup retailer and the other was for sunglasses.. I didn't want to jeopardize my blogs reputation just for free stuff so I turned both of them down for the number one reason that I write a nail art blog not a beauty blog.

But when Pamela, founder of Pedi-Sox®, contacted me, her product seemed like one I would really get good use out of so I said yes! :)

She sent me these to try out: Pedi-Sox® Original in Red and B&W stripes and Pedi-Sox® Ultra leopard print. 

So far I've tried the original and ultra (above) and my sister tried out the striped ones. These could not have come at a better time.... the weather is getting cold fast here and my house is cold all the time because I'm a poor student :P
Pedi-Sox® are perfect for pedicures during the cold months.

I do a full pedicure once every couple of weeks, and this time I did all of the steps before polishing and after I put moisturizer on I put my Pedi-Sox® on. They make me feel very pampered :) My feet felt so soft and moisturized after I took them off. I also like to shower after the gym in the evenings and moisturize and put them on... after only 4 days I already notice a difference. This time of year my feet get especially dry but now they are quite soft :)

Best of all this product is very affordable. You can purchase Pedi-Sox® online and at a few retailers in Canada: Windsor Beauty Supply has six locations in Ontario and Details Beauty Supply in BC. For other locations check out the Pedi-Sox® website by clicking on the photo below: