October 10, 2012

September Haul

A little overdue for a haul post :) This will be the last haul post before my birthday and/or christmas. I'm saving up for a trip to Dominican in april as a graduation gift to myself!

So to start off with a bang... I give you the new MASH plate set and Red Angel Plate set! :D I ordered these way back in May and had them mailed to my roomies place in the states (because it was 1000x cheaper). She brought them with her when she moved back at the beginning of September. By then it was like receiving free stuff!

Then of course I HAD to order the new plate organizer from Bundle Monster. As far as I know this is the first company to come out with a plate organizer.. it's the bomb! 

You can see the lovely leather case with the Bundle Monster (BM) logo... and the added bonus of my kitty in the photo (#1). There are 14 sheets which can fit 6 plates in each (#2). That's 84 plates!
You can see that there are 6 openings on the front of each sheet but not on the back (#3).. that didn't stop me from doubling up plates in each "slot" (#4) So I can fit 168 plates in total!

The only downside I would say is that it wasn't built to fit 168 plates to begin with, but overall it's a fantastic product. I fit my two bundle monster sets (#2&3) as well as my new MASH and RA sets... with room to spare! 

Now.. on to the polishes :)

As a thank you for the nails I painted on "nail night"... all of the ladies from work gave me these 6 beauties from Sally's! :) From left to right: Nina Ultra Pro: Starry Night, Purple Pizzaz, Pretti Pink, Mariachi, Unteal You, Punki Purple
So so sweet of them! Thank you ladies for adding to my ever-growing collection!

O.P.I DS Magic was given to me by Emily at The Lacquerologist for winning her 6 month blogiversary nail art contest.. with my neon water marble. (Let me just add that if you head over to Emily's blog I hope you are as shocked as I am that she has only been at this for about 8 months?! - she's amazing!)
Sadly, this photo doesn't do it justice, I will have to do a manicure featuring this shade very soon.

This lovely little treasure is my first Daring Digits polish! DD Why So Serious? I got to choose this beauty because I entered in her nail art contest a while back. So pretty I will do a swatch soon!

The O.P.I mini Spiderman Collection!! So excited about these. Before this month I had absolutely no OPI polishes in my collection (I know - unbelievable right?), and now I have DS magic and these 4 lovelies! From left to right: Into the night, Number one nemesis, Your web or mine?, and Just spotted the Lizard. I won these in the nail art contest I entered for KattClaws.

Continuing with the free polish... A friend of mine wanted to order a konad stamping set from Nail Polish Canada... so I took the opportunity to redeem some polish points. For those of you unfamiliar with NPC, you collect points every time you place an order with them, and I had enough racked up to get myself Little Brown Dress, Bikini so Teeny, & Your hut or mine. These three polishes are the bulk of my essie polishes, more firsts! 

And now we get into the few polishes I picked up here and there throughout the month. From left to right: Sinful Colors Out of This World ($1.99 @ Lawtons)
Revlon Charming & Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Desert Rose (Wal Mart)
And Sally's had a buy one get one free sale on all Finger Paints polishes so I picked up Tiffany Imposter & Micheltangelo

These four are from Sally's: (top)China Glaze Innocence, Peachy Keen, & Kalahari Kiss
(bottom)Orly Glam FX Too Fab

All in all I spent very little on such a large haul this month. I'm also excited to announce that I have recently agreed to review some products from the Born Pretty Store... I should receive them within 3-5 weeks so you can look forward to my review.. in the meanwhile all of my lovely readers are welcome to use my promo code to get 10% off their purchase if they so choose. You can find the promo code on the right side of my blog.