November 16, 2012

Glequin Week Day 3

Right about now I am studying (cramming) like crazy for a midterm tomorrow morning at 10am. So this will be short and sweet.

I hope you are all enjoying glequin week... I've had a few ups and downs.. one manicure I did last night was a complete failure in my opinion. I might include a post at the end of the week that features my failures (like a blooper reel). However, this one I have for you today is my favourite thus far!

 I only have two photos to show you today because the glequins kept reflecting light and it was hard to get a photo where you could see the spiral clearly.

I used China Glaze Liquid Leather as my base and then while the ring finger was still tacky I placed all of the glequins, starting in the center and working my way out. There were a few casualties but all in all it was a quick, simple, and might I add gorgeous manicure :)

Although orange, this is a fairly clear picture of the silver vs. blue glequins in the spiral design :)

With christmas just around the corner, I think this design would be adorable with red and green!

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Stay tuned for more glequin fun tomorrow!!