November 18, 2012

Glequin Week Day 5

As promised and just before midnight.. I give you day 5 of glequin week.

I've been feeling a little winter-y lately, even though the grass is still green here :(   So this manicure reminds me a little bit of snow and reflects my chilly mood.

The base is Jordana White (I have a haul post coming up that will include A LOT of Jordana's if you've been following my twitter/intagram). The glitter is Jordana Silver Glitter. I stamped with konad special silver stamping polish and BM-322... then placed the navy blue glequins accordingly.

Although the grass is green, the temperatures are dropping fast and the cold weather always has a noticeable impact on my skin and hair.. dry cuticles, lips and damaged hair are just a few of the unfortunate side-effects. Do any of you change products in the winter to make up for the extra dry-ness?? If so please comment below, I'd love any tips you might have..

I hope you like today's manicure, I may add a photo or replace one when I can take a few pictures in the sunlight tomorrow morning. It gets dark so early here now I'm often photographing under artificial light.

Anyways, stay tuned for more of glequin week! :)

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