November 19, 2012

Glequin Week Day 6

I have a really quick manicure to post tonight, I'm running behind schedule again. This is day 6 of glequin week.. only one day left (and tomorrow is a real treat!)

I used Jordana Boy oh Boy (turquoise), Smooth Blue, and Gemstones (glitter) for this manicure and added blue and turquoise glequins :)   To be honest, this one is my least favourite of glequin week, but I didn't get around to doing an extra manicure to post instead so I decided to share it anyway.

And.. stay tuned for the last day of glequin week tomorrow.. it's a really special day! ;) 

As I have been promoting all week, you can pick up your own 12-pack of glequins at and receive a 10% discount with my code RTL91.