November 4, 2012

Review: Tip Top Nails

I'm very excited to bring you a product review today! :)

Tip Top Nails is a South African nail polish brand. They have a wide range of lacquers and nail treatments. "Tip Top is renowned for its exceptionally safe products - all nail colours are vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Camphor FREE - and made in South Africa with the best raw materials. Naturally, our made in the South Africa products are not tested on animals"

This is a new-to-me brand and when asked to review a few products, I happily accepted! 

Sent to me for review were the following:

Tip Top Toughen up Base & Top Coat 
4 polishes from their Nail Chic line: Chocolate Truffle, Frenzee, Astronaut, & Rocky Road Glitter.

First of all, the base coat (left). I have to say I'm very impressed with it. It goes on very smooth, clear and dries almost instantly. After wearing Chocolate Truffle I also noticed minimal staining which I look for in a base coat :) I'm not sure about the strengthening qualities because I have not been using it that long, but it doesn't peel like some of my other basecoats tend to do.

The top coat is also lovely. Unfortunately I could not use it over nail art (it caused some color-bleeding) but that's to be expected of a top coat that isn't "fast-drying". As you'll see shortly I used it over the polishes on their own and it added a nice shine. 

Now on to these gorgeous colors:

 Frenzee is a beautiful nude-gold. This was two easy coats of polish. It dried fairly quickly and has a nice shine. This photo is without top coat.

 As you may have seen in yesterday's post, my Movember manicure features Chocolate Truffle. This polish is beautiful! It's a rich Reddish Brown that really does remind me of chocolate. This was 3 thin coats of polish (probably could have done it in two but I was trying to avoid bubbles). I topped this manicure off with Seche Vite due to the nail art.

Let me just add that for those of you who tend to shy away from brown polishes, this is one you may love! The reddish tint gives it that little extra needed in a brown polish not to drain the color out of your skin.

 Astronaut is a phenomenal metallic blue polish! It is very opaque.. I did just one easy coat for this manicure. It has a lot of depth and some silver micro-glitter in it too which helps it shine so beautifully. I'm very curious to see how this polish stamps considering its opacity.. I will keep you all posted :)

And last but not least I give you the Rocky Road Glitter. This picture does not give it justice. This glitter shines a hundred different colors!! I had it over a pink polish the other day and could not stop staring at it. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture before I chipped it at work... but this will not be the last you see of this glitter.

Just one more thing about Tip Top Polish: the ProGlide™ Brush! It is a flat brush that widens a little at the bottom. Not quite as wide as an OPI or Sally Hansen Salon-Manicure brush but I find those a little too wide and I tend to make a mess with them. The Tip Top polishes, base and top coats, were all so easy to apply! It didn't make a difference whether it was a solid color, glitter, or metallic shade they all applied with such ease. 

If you're interested in Tip Top products you can check out their website:

You can also find them on Facebook:
or Twitter: @TipTopNailsSA