December 22, 2012

Home for the holidays!

It is 7:00AM and I will be hitting the road for home in a couple hours (yay 5 hour drive with my parents, sister, and 2 kitties)... but I just had to post beforehand, 1. because I have been a bad blogger lately and seriously neglected you guys, & 2. because my parents house has VERY limited internet and it's way easier to do this now rather than later.

Today I have a cute manicure to show you that I wore to a party last week... I took pictures the next morning but this week was so crazy with work and christmas shopping I just kept forgetting to upload and actually post about them. (again,  bad blogger)

Better late than never...

I wore a blue striped shirt to the party and wanted to match my nails as much as possible. When I found this design on pinterest I just fell in love with it so I decided to recreate it despite having much shorter nails....

And leave it to pinterest to link to no where... Sadly I do not have the original source for this photo. I tried to google Laida Nails but didn't get anywhere. Please, if anyone knows the original source let me know. 

*EDIT: As one of my lovely readers pointed out it is actually Saida Nails. On the left hand side bar of the web page there is a winter tutorial book you can purchase that includes a tutorial for this design. For this reason I will not be doing a tutorial for this look because I feel it would be violating their copyright laws. 

I started with a clear basecoat, then painted a thick stripe of NYX Ink (navy blue) diagonally on my nail. Second I painted the Jordana Silver Glitter in a V shape. Third was Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Calypso Blue in a cloud-like pattern in an opposite diagonal to the navy blue. And I topped it off with Jordana French White Manicure and used a nail art brush and dotting tool for the detail.
Had to use a few coats of Seche Vite on this one to flatten the many layers of polish out.

As mentioned before, I have all kinds of ideas for christmas themed manicures.. but now it seems I have limited time to do them. I intend on getting a few more done while at home, but internet could possibly give me a bit of trouble (we will see). And through all the chaos this week my nails were bare and as a result I had a really bad break while packing last night, so my designs will be on shorties... Anyone else hate what the cold, dry weather does to their nails?? :(

And... I can always save a christmas design or two for next year (since we lived through the apocalypse and all). Happy Holidays to you and yours... my next post will be from my parents cozy home/cottage in central NL :D