December 30, 2012

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

While we haven’t been hit with weather quite as bad as Quebec and Montreal… central Newfoundland is still getting a fair amount of snow. Friday brought a lot of snow, and my family and I spent most of Saturday clearing off the lake for ice-skating (you may have seen if you follow my instagram account - @kelsiesnailfile). We got an hour of skating in yesterday, just in time for another 10-15cm of snow that it’s calling for later today.

So during my hours indoors I decided to try out the elmers glue “peel-off basecoat” that other bloggers have been raving about. I’ve had an old bottle of seche vite cleaned out and filled up with glue for months now and every time I decided to add glitter to a manicure I forgot all about it. But this time of year I find I especially want to use glitter so I took it along with me from St. John’s to my parents house and here we are.

I put one thin coat of elmers glue and let it dry clear, I was very surprised at how fast it dried.

Then I painted one thin coat of China Glaze White on White. Did a gradient using White on White & BarryM Blueberry IceCream. I sponged on Color Club glitter (not sure the name specifically) and then freehanded the snowflakes using BarryM Cobalt Blue and added a glequin to the center of each.

I typically paint my nails every day or two days, but my polish rarely lasts past two days. With the peel off basecoat I didn’t make it 24-hours. Pieces chipped off the next morning when I put my socks on… sad to say but the peel off basecoat is not for me. The only time I might use it is if I’m doing my nails in the day for that night. On the plus side it really did make glitter removal easy. 

Stay tuned for my new years creation... I've been brainstorming all day! :)