January 25, 2013

Go for Gold

Gold. Now there's a color I rarely reach for.

I had my nails painted with OPI Germanicure for a day to match a new shirt of mine, but I got bored of the color by itself so by the time I got out of class I had come up with a skittlette I wanted to try.

Another rarity for me, skittle manicures. I really like them, especially the one's often seen on Chit Chat Nails, they are practically Marta's specialty, but I rarely try them myself. Often times I'm afraid that each nail, while different, won't "flow" with the rest.... yet I often do accent nails. I just seem to have an odd "block" when it comes to them.

Regardless, I stepped out of my usual comfort zone and decided to give this a try. I got a new gold stamping polish and decided to give it a go.

The stamp is MASH-48. The Rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store... and the gorgeous gold glitter is Elemental Styles Fool's Gold.

What do you think? Should I stick with what I know... or give skittles another go? (cool, rhyming)