January 26, 2013

My Nail Art Tools

Last week I received a request on my facebook page for a post showing which tools I use and where to get them.... so I put together a quick post for anyone who's interested...

Aside from the materials I use for rhinestones/studs and taping manicures, this is all of my nail art supplies. Keep reading to see a breakdown of each set...
(the combo brush/dotting tool pictured by itself is from Sally Beauty... it was my first nail art brush purchased about a year ago, I paid $7 for it - expensive!)

The hair-pin seemed like the most "universal" thing I could compare the size of the brushes to. 

On the left you can see 3 nail art brushes I purchased from Born Pretty Store you can get the set of 3 for $2.29 with free shipping. I use the middle one most often for majority of my detailed freehand designs.

On the right are 3 nail art brushes I got from amazon (not the exact link I got them from)... before I realized you can purchase them from Born Pretty Store for $2.57. As you might be able to tell, I use the blue one most often and have had these brushes much longer.  I clean my brushes using 100% acetone.

I'm not sure where I got these dotting tools from, but I know you can get this exact set from Born Pretty Store for $4.74. As you can see, on one end they are all the same size (medium). On the other they vary from needle-point (yellow) to large (green). I love this set, they are a must-have.

All of the brushes/dotting tools seen above fit into my cute little brush holder I got from Born Pretty Store. It retails for $8.54. 

None of these supplies were sent to me for review, I purchased them all myself. But as you can see I am quite the fan of Born Pretty Store which is why I have been collaborating with them lately on various other reviews. If you choose to purchase any of the above tools from their site, feel free to use my 10% discount code - RTL91

And.. last but not least these three brushes I use to clean up my manicures... the top two are from wal mart, they came in a large pack in the craft section. They work just fine for clean up and hold up well against the acetone. The bottom brush was just from a few old brushes my mom had and wasn't using any more, no idea where it originally came from. 

I hope this was helpful.... if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below.