January 24, 2013

Review: Mont-Bleu Glass Nail Files

I stumbled upon glass nail files about 8 years ago in a craft store... the small card that came with the file claimed that it was good for brittle and peeling nails. I have always had issues with my nails being dry and brittle so I decided to give it a try. Metal files drive me crazy and I'm not entirely fond of emery files, so the glass file was perfect.

Some people (especially with strong, thick nails) dislike the glass file because it's not as efficient as an emery file. And often times people don't realize that a glass file is meant to seal the nail and smooth the edge to prevent chipping and peeling. The best thing to do is cut your nails to shorten them (you should never file a lot of length off). If you use an emery or metal file you can use that to shape your nails, and use the glass file to smooth the edge of the nail. I swear by glass files...

So, when Mont-Bleu contacted me to review their custom made glassware I knew exactly what product I wanted to review... their beautiful glass files.

Mont-Bleu is a middle size company based in Prague, Czech Republic that produces beautiful design glassware. They have a range of cosmetic tools and jewelry and other odds and ends custom designed and decorated with Swarovski crystals. They are also "one of the world leading suppliers of glass nail files. Our glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass; they are decorated by patterns, or by Swarovski crystals"

And let me just say that they are GORGEOUS!

I chose to review the mini nail file... and to my surprise, they also included the regular size file! :)

Both files are excellent quality, the glass is quite thick and they work wonderfully to shape and smooth out the edge of my nails.

The large file retails for 10,00 € and the mini file (which is so adorable!) retails for 8,00 €

How cute is this mini file?? I chose to review this file because I've actually been looking for a smaller one to travel with and keep in my purse... this one is perfect! :) 

And just look at those Swarovski crystals! I loved the design on the larger file so much I used it as inspiration for my manicure :) I had some medium and small size rhinestones I could use, although they aren't quite a shiny as the crystals on the nail file.

Some people really don't like glass files but I am a huge fan, if you don't own one I really do suggest you give one a try, especially if you have issues with peeling or splitting nails. 

Mont-Bleu has two shops, one for the general public: www.design-glassware.comAnd a web-page for wholesalers: www.czech-glass-nail-files.com 

AND: Right now you can get 20% off any products on their site with the code BLOG! :D 

I'd like to thank Mont-Bleu for the opportunity to review these files and for offering the discount on my blog. If any of you purchase or try these files please don't hesitate to let me know what you think in the comments below.