January 27, 2013

So So So Scandalous

Oh how I love Cult Nails... I've had Scandalous for a while now and I've only worn it once since I got it (what is wrong with me?). This shade is Gorgeous! So I finally decided to share it with all of you :)

2 coats of Cult Nails Scandalous on my thumb, index and middle finger. One coat of Scandalous on my pinky with Captivated layered on top (a stunning glitter from Cult Nails). One coat of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Midnight in NY and BM-317 stamped with Konad special white polish on my ring finger.

As color-acurate as I could get, indoor photo with flash - you can see the shimmer in the black too. 

If you haven't already, check out my Nail Art Contest going on right now... a $40 shopping spree to cult nails is on the line! :D