February 12, 2013

Blaze and Baker

If you haven't noticed already I'm kinda having a Cult Nails moment. I've used at least one Cult Nails polish in each post for the past week... I just realized that I had a couple I hadn't tried yet and of course I've been swooning over the 2nd anniversary collection since I got it.

Today is no exception. When I saw the baker/blaze combo that Maria posted on instagram/facebook I fell in love... Blaze hadn't even arrived in the mail.. but mark my word when it arrived a week later it was on my nails within a few hours.... and it is gorgeous!!

artificial light no flash
 While one of the simplest manicures I've ever done, it is one of my favourites! I wore this for two days (tried to push it to 3 but my nails don't last long before chipping)

artificial light with flash
Baker is one of my all-time favourite polishes (I even have a backup bottle)... but blaze is working it's way up there too! :)

artificial light no flash

artificial light no flash
 And one more picture for good measure... the next morning it seemed the weather even knew I was wearing a fantabulous manicure.. the sun came out and everything! :D

sunlight - rare to see this time of year in newfoundland :P
Stay tuned.. I will be announcing the giveaway and nail art contest winners tomorrow!! :D