February 23, 2013

GUEST POST: Nails by Kayla Shevonne

Today I bring you the 3rd and final guest post... as I am returning to St. John's tomorrow :(

But I am very excited to have Kayla Shevonne here today!! If you haven't picked up on it already, my three guest posters were all from Newfoundland! And I've also had the privilege of meeting Kayla in person :) She was another huge inspiration for me when I started blogging and even my "labrador" themed nails were inspired by one of her amazing tutorials!

I will let her take it away...


Hey everyone!

I'm Kayla from Nails by Kayla Shevonne and I'm very happy to be helping Kelsie out with a guest post today while she's visiting her hometown! Many of you know that her and I live in the same city, so I've actually had the pleasure of meeting Kelsie in person. It's always super fun to meet someone who shares the same passion as you. :)

Anyways, the mani I created for this guest post was inspired by some new studs that arrived in the mail this week. I ordered them from eBay ages ago and when they finally arrived this week, I knew I'd have to create a mani with them asap. I also decided to use one of my all time favourite colour combinations - nude and black. 

 The base colour here is my favourite nude polish - OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons from the Germany Collection. I've raved about this polish plenty of times on my own blog because it's really the perfect nude. I added the black stripes using a striper brush and Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, and while that was still a little tacky, I went ahead and added a single gold stud to the base of each stripe.

 For my first studded mani, I'm really happy with how this came together! And I'm definitely heading over to eBay right away to pick up some other sizes and shapes of studs!

 I hope you enjoyed this mani! And I'd like to send a huge thank you to Kelsie for including me in her guest post lineup!


Another thing we have in common, I adore nude and black together! It's so elegant I love it! I'd also like to thank Kayla for taking the time away from her blogging time to do a post for me :)

AND if you didn't know already, Kayla is currently hosting a giveaway for the entire Layla Hologram Effect Collection! So head over and enter while you can :)