February 17, 2013

GUEST POST: Phoebe Jane

Many of you have seen Phoebe's nails featured here before... she is my 13-year old cousin (and I always give her age because I'm constantly amazed at how gorgeous and strong her nails are and she's only 13!)   Almost every time we get together I paint her nails and often times post them on here :)

BUT... she also does her own nails on a very regular basis. She sends me pictures from time to time and I'm always impressed at her growing talent with both freehand and stamping manicures. And today you get a sneak peak into some of that talent! :D


Hey guys! I’m Phoebe, Kelsie’s cousin. My nails have been on this blog before, but this is my first guest post and I’m so excited! I have always loved painting my nails, but I really started getting into it maybe two years ago, and am now obsessed.

And now, I present my nails!

I decided to do Valentine’s Day nails, since there are a lot of awesome things to do on your nails for Valentine’s Day. The problem was, I’m a terrible decision maker, and had trouble thinking of one thing to do. So, I decided on something different on every nail! Here is a list of the polishes that I used:

Finger Paints-My Art Belongs To You
Finger Paints-Expressionist Red
Finger Paints-Pink Imagination
Sally Hansen Ceramic-4601-16 (name was scratched off)
OPI-Alpine Snow
OPI-Black Onyx
Cina Top Coat

For the thumb and pinky, I just glued on some jewels that I had. For the index finger, I just drew the heart on with the OPI black, using a thin paintbrush. For the stamping, I used Bundle Monster 323 for the middle finger and Bundle Monster 311 for the ring finger.

I’m so happy that I got to do this guest post, and I hope that Kelsie will let me do more in the future ;) I hope you guys like it! See ya!