February 6, 2013

January Haul

It has been a while since I shared a haul post with you guys. This month I picked up a few beauties so check them out below :)

First up if you have been following my instagram account (@kelsiesnailfile) you may have noticed I recently got the Nailgasm Documentary!! :D
Along with the disc I picked up two nailgasm stickers and a button (which I put on my Bundle Monster plate organizer).

The Documentary is fantastic! You get to "meet" tons of talented nail artists from around the world (bloggers and non-bloggers) and see a load of different nail art. It's very inspiring :)

You can purchase the DVD bundle (including stickers and button) for $14.99 or the DVD alone for $11.99 from their store  
OR you can rent the movie online for $1.96 or buy the digital copy for $6.89 at NailgasmDoc.com

Left to right: Konad special gold, white, black, Butter London Trustafarian, China Glaze Icicle, Essie Lion Around
 I picked these beauties up during Nail Polish Canada's boxing day sale with some money I got for Christmas so it didn't cost a cent of my own money  :)

You can check out posts featuring Trustafarian HERE, and Lion Around HERE... I've used icicle but haven't featured it in a post yet.

AND I saved the best for last... (just came in the mail today!)

From left to right: Fetish, Tempest, Blaze

I ordered the 2nd anniversary collection a few weeks ago (I hate living in the middle of nowhere, things take forever to get to me).. but they finally arrived :D

While I didn't win a pair of real diamonds (Maria gave away 2 pairs of half-Karat and 1 pair of one-Karat diamond earrings) the faux pair will fit in just fine with my jewelry "collection".

For those of you unfamiliar with these polishes (and those of you who haven't been convinced of buying them yet) check out the swatches below...

Tempest is a perfect one-coater white polish with an amazing formula!

The wax-finish black - I can honestly say I don't think there is a polish out there like it. It differs from your typical matte finish black because it is a true black (it doesn't turn gray as it dries) and Maria named it brilliantly, Fetish. No top-coat required.

And finally the prize jewel in this collection, Blaze! A Stunning Gold/Copper glitter (2 coats by itself, and one coat layered over a random black polish) Maria used this polish in a manicure with Baker and I CANNOT wait to do it myself (as you may know Baker is one of my favourite polishes).

The pre-sale event is now over, but you can purchase each of these polishes individually from CultNails.com (just click on each like above to go directly to that shade)
*Polishes not sent to me for review - purchased by me*

Don't worry, these beauties will be featured in a manicure in the next little while.. I've been anxiously waiting for them to arrive :)