March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Weekend!

Long weekends are fabulous... if you're lucky enough to have them off.
I, unfortunately, am not :(  I am neck deep in my research project for my undergrad degree... and there is only one week of classes left this term before finals start. I am freaking out! *nervous laughter*

But I managed to fit in some down time and create this cute spring/easter themed manicure :)

I started off with a spring water marble using China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, American Apparel Office, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow, & Barry M Blueberry Icecream.

Then I decided to add some easter-themed stamps because this might be my only chance to try them out  before easter is over.
I stamped with konad special black polish and BM-224 and 302. If you look closely at the egg in BM-302, the flower design from 224 is featured! I think it's neat how they matched plates from the two different sets.

After staring at the stamp for a while I realized something was missing, so I added some dots to the flowers with Flip Flop Fantasy.

And there you have it! :)

I hope that any of you who celebrate easter enjoy the holiday with your families... and even if you don't celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

March 26, 2013

Are you wearing purple for epilepsy?

Today, March 26th is International Epilepsy Awareness Day, or "Purple Day".

In support, I painted my nails purple. (which doesn't take a lot of convincing because I adore purple)

I started with a base of Revlon Charming on every nail. I added Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Strobe Light to my glitter accent nail. Then stamped with my fauxnad plate and Jordana Hypnotizing on my middle nail.

March 25, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

While I don't use Google Reader myself, I'm well aware that many of you do. Unfortunately Google has recently announced that they will be getting rid of Google Reader as of July 1st, 2013.

It is an inconvenience for many... but it seems other readers have stepped up to make the transition easy for you :)

First and foremost, for those of you that follow via Google Friend Connect, you can still follow blogs via so there's no need to export all of the blogs you follow to other readers.

If Blogger isn't for you...
Other readers such as Feedly and Bloglovin' have stepped up and are offering one-click imports for all of the blogs you follow through Google Reader.

I personally use Bloglovin' to follow all of my blogs. It also automatically publishes my posts to my facebook page (which I find very useful). But I've heard very good things about Feedly as well.

Click on the logo's below to go to my personal pages and find your favourite way to follow:

March 23, 2013

All Dressed Up

I am one happy girl this weekend.. I finally have the chance to sit back and relax (at least until sunday).

Last night I had a year-end formal for my faculty (Human Kinetics and Recreation), so I got all dressed up and partied the night away :)

I picked up a new dress from the mall - I went with a soft and girly look 
(which was surprisingly out of my comfort zone - but I was happy with it)

I matched my nails to my dress but also to my bracelets :)

China Glaze Refresh-Mint, the accent nail is one coat of OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons with one coat of Essie Shine of the Times over top :)

 I took a page from the book of Marta for this shot holding accessories, still need to work on hand placement though.

March 19, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I am having one of those weeks where you wish it was Friday from the minute it starts. My weekend was filled with paper writing, midterm studying, lab analyzing... and no fun :(

Tonight I scheduled myself a little bit of downtime before returning to my workload tomorrow. I'm doing a pedicure and watching tv :)

The manicure I have for you today was one I wore last week sometime (or was it the week before?) I'm loosing track of the days as my end of term quickly approaches... (I can't wait until April 18th!)

Anyways, enough of my whining... here's a manicure (the reason you came here :P)

I started with a base of Butter London Marrow on my thumb, index & middle and a base of Finger Paints Paper Mache on my ring and pinky.

Next I painted my ring and pinky with one coat of Zoya Gaia and one coat of Elemental Styles Unuseptium... (which is very camera shy by the way.. it glitters far more in person)

And the gorgeous shimmery purple you see layered over BL Marrow is of course Cult Nails Flushed.

I finished it off by stamping with my fauxnad plate and Konad special white polish...

Hope you like it! :)   As busy as I am I will try my best to maintain semi-regular posting from now until the semester is out, then I will have far more time for my blog! :)

March 18, 2013

Review: Nailtiques from Beauty Stop Online

Back in February, Beauty Stop Online was kind enough to sponsor my giveaway... and now they have kindly asked me to review a couple of products for them.

Nailtiques Formula 1 and 2.

Nailtiques was an unfamiliar brand to me so I happily accepted the offer to review the product. "Nailtiques Nail Protein Formulas are special blends of hydrolyzed keratin, protein, gelatin and calcium, that bonds the layers of the nail together, building a strong foundation, preventing splitting, peeling and chipping"

Formula 2Plus: is designed for excessive problem nails
Formula 2: is designed for soft, peeling, bitten, weak and thin nails
Formula 1: is designed for maintaining healthy flexible nails
Formula 3: is for hard and brittle nails

As nails improve, you are supposed to transition to the next appropriate formula.

Luckily, Formula 1 was a perfect match for my healthy but flexible nails, while Formula 2 was perfect for my sister's once bitten, soft, peeling, weak nails.

Each formula comes in a box (seen above) with a small booklet of information about other products and proper application/removal etc.

Most importantly: it says to apply one thin coat of nail protein to clean dry nails. Reapply one coat per day up to one week (it can be applied over nail lacquer), then remove with non-acetone polish remover and start treatment again until results are achieved.

Myself and my sister used these products for 2-3 weeks... check out the results below...

  These are my own nails, using Formula 1 for 3 weeks. The biggest difference I noticed was how quickly they grew! My nails are usually extremely stubborn and break frequently. With Nailtiques they stayed strong and grew super fast!

I had to include one photo without bare nails - featuring Back to the Fuschia :)
Here you can really see the growth from 3 weeks!

Now... Formula 2 (my sister's nails)
Before Nailtiques Formula 2 treatment - note broken/bitten index & middle nails

After 2 weeks of Nailtiques Formula 2 treatment
As you can see before her nails were weak, short, bitten, peely etc. After 2 weeks there was a fair bit of growth and a slight improvement in strength. She mentioned that they still peel a bit and feel fairly weak... but she is going to continue using the product to see if she can get better results.

Overall I think this product is fantastic! I typically use OPI Nail Envy every day underneath my manicures, which keeps my nails relatively healthy but never very strong... in just 3 weeks nailtiques did exactly that! The only down side is the cost of this product... but Beauty Stop Online offers a significant discount from retail prices!

1/8 fl.oz. retails for $9.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $5.99
1/4 fl.oz. (the size featured here) retails for $18.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $9.99
1/2 fl.oz. retails for $39.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $28.99 (a little confused by this because you can buy 2x 1/4oz. bottles for less)

You can check out all of their Nailtiques formulas here.

Just for a reference, I've been using this bottle of Nailtiques Formula 1 for over 3 weeks now and have barely used a thing out of the bottle. The formula was at the black line at the top when I started using it.

 Beauty Stop Online sells a very large variety of products (nail related and other beauty products) at very reasonable prices. They ship worldwide and also offer free shipping on orders over $59.00.
Oh and the shipping is quite fast! I was super impressed at how quickly I received mine in the mail.

It's worth checking out their stock of Essie's, Orly's, and China Glaze polishes too!  :)

March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Let me just start off by saying I have come a long ways since last St. Paddy's Day!

Unfortunately, this year I'm not out celebrating this happy green holiday... instead I am scrambling to finish up these next few weeks of my undergraduate degree... and it is pushing my limits. But I still took a little time in between writing papers and studying to put together a manicure for the occasion :)

I rarely wear green polish but I had to take this opportunity to show off Cult Nails Coveted.. This gorgeous shimmery deep green shade with green flakies! :)

The clover was created following a tutorial that China Glaze recently posted on their facebook page. I'm not sure who the nail artist is... but you can check it out here. The polish I used was China Glaze Four Leaf Clover! (how appropriate right?) :)

I do hope that most of you are out enjoying the green beer and festivities instead of staying in on a saturday night to do homework *thumbs down*

March 12, 2013

Bedazzled French

French manicures are a rare sight on this blog. Which is strange because it's probably my favourite nail art style. My main issues with doing a french on my own nails are; 1. they are often not long enough, and 2. I struggle to make them all even (especially with one another).

But... when I saw this modified french on Oooh, Shinies! I knew I wanted to pull it off! :)

Indirect Sunlight
I started with two coats of OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons. Then I carelessly painted the white tips (curving down one side) with a medium sized nail art brush using Jordana French Manicure White. While the white was still tacky I placed the blue glequins to cover up the imperfections of my paint job... topped it off with a coat of Out the Door... and voila!

Indirect sunlight

I adore this look! And I could even use silver or gold glequins for a more subtle manicure :)

Indoors with flash
Indoors with flash
Both of my thumbs suffered small breaks last week so I've been keeping them out of photos.. when they grow out a bit I will even out all my nails again  :P
Indirect sunlight

As simple as this is... it is one of my favourite manicures, I couldn't stop staring at my nails all day :)