March 19, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

I am having one of those weeks where you wish it was Friday from the minute it starts. My weekend was filled with paper writing, midterm studying, lab analyzing... and no fun :(

Tonight I scheduled myself a little bit of downtime before returning to my workload tomorrow. I'm doing a pedicure and watching tv :)

The manicure I have for you today was one I wore last week sometime (or was it the week before?) I'm loosing track of the days as my end of term quickly approaches... (I can't wait until April 18th!)

Anyways, enough of my whining... here's a manicure (the reason you came here :P)

I started with a base of Butter London Marrow on my thumb, index & middle and a base of Finger Paints Paper Mache on my ring and pinky.

Next I painted my ring and pinky with one coat of Zoya Gaia and one coat of Elemental Styles Unuseptium... (which is very camera shy by the way.. it glitters far more in person)

And the gorgeous shimmery purple you see layered over BL Marrow is of course Cult Nails Flushed.

I finished it off by stamping with my fauxnad plate and Konad special white polish...

Hope you like it! :)   As busy as I am I will try my best to maintain semi-regular posting from now until the semester is out, then I will have far more time for my blog! :)