March 9, 2013

Nude & Gold

... my new favourite combination! :)

I've been seeing a lot of subtle stamping around lately and decided to give it a go myself... turns out I love the look!

I started with 2 coats of O.P.I Don't Pretzel my Buttons (my new favourite nude). Then I stamped with Barry M Gold Foil and RA-104. I don't use my Red Angel plates enough.. they are so cute!! (the only down side is they are slightly difficult to fit on my thumb... maybe I will use them for accent nails more.

 This would be a gorgeous look for a wedding. :)

And.. the below photo was taken under artificial lighting with no flash. The gold looked really pretty in this lighting. (apologies for the reddish looking skin and dry cuticles they hadn't been moisturized yet)

I might try this subtle stamping look out again with some different color combinations. hmm... Barry M Lilac Foil come to mind...