February 28, 2013

Review: Born Pretty Store 3D Bows

I'm back.. I have been since sunday, sorry for the short absence but my nails suffered a bad break while I was on skidoo and I've been swamped with school work since I got back (what I get for taking a week off I guess). My trip was amazing, I'm so glad I got to see friends I haven't seen in years and enjoy the winter wonderland that is my hometown :)

But now I'm back to reality... but also back to blogging which is great... today I have a review and a cute manicure to share...

I have been very apprehensive about 3D nail art because I tend to get annoyed and pick it off fairly quickly. So I've been easing my way into it by wearing studs or rhinestones on my nails. But this time I decided to be daring...

I chose to review the Bowknot shaped Rhinestones from Born Pretty Store. These are by far the "bulkiest" things I have ever glued to my nails, but I love them! This manicure stayed on for 2 full days (through 2 showers, and 1 dish-washing). The bows lasted longer than the polish (which started to chip part way through day 2).

I thought that I would get annoyed and want to pick them off but I actually forgot they were there. The only time I really noticed was when I pulled my fingers through my hair (my hair got caught around them). But that was a minor inconvenience as I don't pull my fingers through my hair often.

How to apply:
I painted the accent nail the same as I normally would, stamped it, and then added top coat (seche vite). I let the top coat mostly dry (for only a couple seconds - it dries fast) then I put a very small amount of rhinestone glue on the bow, and stuck it to the nail. Since the bows are quite large, I could place them easily with my fingers.

For comparison, I used only top coat on my right hand accent nail and stuck the bow on immediately, while the top coat was still wet. It was the first bow to fall off, but it did last the 2 days same as the other. All-in-all I don't think the rhinestone glue made that significant of a difference so I wouldn't worry if you don't have any (especially if you are like me and only wear a manicure for 2 days tops).

Another plus, the bows fell off at home and are still in perfect shape so I intend to recycle them again.

The shear nude featured is Revlon Embody, I stamped with Konad special black and BM-301. The wax-finish black is (of course) Cult Nails Fetish.

You can purchase the 3D bows from Born Pretty Store for $1.38 for 10 (with 12 colors to choose from). You can also find tons of other nail art supplies for ridiculously low prices, and free shipping!! So check it out!

And don't forget you can get 10% off with my discount code RTL91!