March 18, 2013

Review: Nailtiques from Beauty Stop Online

Back in February, Beauty Stop Online was kind enough to sponsor my giveaway... and now they have kindly asked me to review a couple of products for them.

Nailtiques Formula 1 and 2.

Nailtiques was an unfamiliar brand to me so I happily accepted the offer to review the product. "Nailtiques Nail Protein Formulas are special blends of hydrolyzed keratin, protein, gelatin and calcium, that bonds the layers of the nail together, building a strong foundation, preventing splitting, peeling and chipping"

Formula 2Plus: is designed for excessive problem nails
Formula 2: is designed for soft, peeling, bitten, weak and thin nails
Formula 1: is designed for maintaining healthy flexible nails
Formula 3: is for hard and brittle nails

As nails improve, you are supposed to transition to the next appropriate formula.

Luckily, Formula 1 was a perfect match for my healthy but flexible nails, while Formula 2 was perfect for my sister's once bitten, soft, peeling, weak nails.

Each formula comes in a box (seen above) with a small booklet of information about other products and proper application/removal etc.

Most importantly: it says to apply one thin coat of nail protein to clean dry nails. Reapply one coat per day up to one week (it can be applied over nail lacquer), then remove with non-acetone polish remover and start treatment again until results are achieved.

Myself and my sister used these products for 2-3 weeks... check out the results below...

  These are my own nails, using Formula 1 for 3 weeks. The biggest difference I noticed was how quickly they grew! My nails are usually extremely stubborn and break frequently. With Nailtiques they stayed strong and grew super fast!

I had to include one photo without bare nails - featuring Back to the Fuschia :)
Here you can really see the growth from 3 weeks!

Now... Formula 2 (my sister's nails)
Before Nailtiques Formula 2 treatment - note broken/bitten index & middle nails

After 2 weeks of Nailtiques Formula 2 treatment
As you can see before her nails were weak, short, bitten, peely etc. After 2 weeks there was a fair bit of growth and a slight improvement in strength. She mentioned that they still peel a bit and feel fairly weak... but she is going to continue using the product to see if she can get better results.

Overall I think this product is fantastic! I typically use OPI Nail Envy every day underneath my manicures, which keeps my nails relatively healthy but never very strong... in just 3 weeks nailtiques did exactly that! The only down side is the cost of this product... but Beauty Stop Online offers a significant discount from retail prices!

1/8 fl.oz. retails for $9.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $5.99
1/4 fl.oz. (the size featured here) retails for $18.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $9.99
1/2 fl.oz. retails for $39.99, Beauty Stop Online's price is $28.99 (a little confused by this because you can buy 2x 1/4oz. bottles for less)

You can check out all of their Nailtiques formulas here.

Just for a reference, I've been using this bottle of Nailtiques Formula 1 for over 3 weeks now and have barely used a thing out of the bottle. The formula was at the black line at the top when I started using it.

 Beauty Stop Online sells a very large variety of products (nail related and other beauty products) at very reasonable prices. They ship worldwide and also offer free shipping on orders over $59.00.
Oh and the shipping is quite fast! I was super impressed at how quickly I received mine in the mail.

It's worth checking out their stock of Essie's, Orly's, and China Glaze polishes too!  :)