April 25, 2013

GUEST POST: Chit Chat Nails

I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I am to have Marta here today!! For those of you who do not know (you must be new around here lol!) Marta is the lovely lady behind the Canadian blog, Chit Chat Nails. 

There are many of Marta's designs pinned on my "nail art" Pinterest board for me to recreate at a later date. And a few designs I've already created and shared on here or on my Instagram.

I adore her blog for many reasons... her nails are what drew me in, but her personality and passion that she puts into it are what has me awe-struck. Marta adds just the right amount of charm to her posts and I feel like I've already met her when I read them. Next time I'm around Ontario I will be sure to schedule a coffee date with her! :)

Enough of me blabbering... I'll let her take it away!


Hello Lovely Ladies,
My name is Marta and I run a Canadian nail-art blog called ChitChat Nails... and boy am I excited to be here!!!!  
I have so much admiration for Kelsie and her nail-art skills; being invited to do a guest post is a true honor.

Kelsie is amazing at stamping but I am fascinated with her freehand work the most.  I know that I will never match her skill, so I prepared a stamped skittlette manicure instead.  

This manicure started out with OPI's upcoming Liquid Sand shade "Pussy Galore" (what a name right?!) from The Bond Girls collection (out this May 2013).  It is a soft pearly-pink with some pretty awesome texture.  Worn on its own it is very innocent pearly-pink, but I wanted to kick it up a notch.

I painted my middle finger with Cult Nails "Nevermore" and added a few pink square rhinestones.  For my ring finger I painted a white base and stamped the zebra print (both Kelsie and I seem to really like animal print, so I thought "why not?!") with Bundle Monster plate BM-223.  

I really enjoy mixing textures and shades together when creating a skittlette manicure.  I hope you like this one!
*hugs* Marta


I love this! Animal print, pink, rhinestones.. and I'm even digging the textured polish (which I've been shying away from). 

Swatches, stamping, and skittlettes are the most common posts you will see over at Chit Chat Nails.. but if you pay close attention you will also get to see Marta's amazing (and rarely seen) freehand skills!

Marta, THANK YOU so so much for taking time from your busy schedule with your own blog and adorable family to do a post for me :)