June 13, 2013

Cult Nails: Dance All Night Collection

The minute I saw swatches of this collection on Chit Chat Nails blog I knew I just had to have it. And lucky for me my convocation from Memorial was just around the corner... so as a graduation gift to myself I bought the whole darn thing! (and because of the lovely promotion that Cult Nails had during the pre-sale event - I got a free bottle of Wax That top coat to go with it! Which I will feature in another post)

And... I don't think I have ever done a full swatch post before so today is a first!

So... here it is! The Dance All Night collection by Cult Nails... featuring (from left to right):
Nakizzle's Shizzle, Dance All Night, Faded, Walk of Shame, Love at First Sight, & Center of Attention.

Nakizzle's Shizzle: "A super bright, yet soft, blue creme polish" - Cult Nails
Two thin coats
 I think this is my favourite of the collection. In some photos it reminded me of BarryM Cyan Blue, but in person it looked more like BarryM Blueberry Icecream. Once it was on my nails though, it was much brighter and absolutely gorgeous!

Dance All Night: "A gorgeous mixture of green and turquoise glitter with duochrome yellow-orange micro-glitter suspended in a clear base" - Cult Nails
One coat of glitter on the accent nail
 This is a stunning glitter that would work very well for glitter tips or even over a black base. 

Faded: "A blue toned, ever-so-soft, grey creme polish" - Cult Nails
Two thin coats
 I have been looking for a pale grey creme polish for ages! And this one is just perfect! :) I was also pleasantly surprised to see that it matched my skin-tone quite nicely. I think this would be lovely for a skittlette manicure.

Walk of Shame: "A clear base with medium sized, blingtastic gold glitter sprinkled with holographic microglitter" - Cult Nails
Two thick coats of glitter on the accent nail
 Blingtastic is an understatement. This gold glitter is phenomenal!! This picture does not do it justice. You can wear just one thin coat of any polish, or layer it for crazy dimension and shine! I will definitely be trying this polish over a metallic silver or gold polish someday.

 Love at First Sight: "A stunning bright purple cream polish" - Cult Nails
One coat - could have probably used another
 Creme polishes tend to be my favourite all year around, and this one takes a close second to Nakizzle's Shizzle in my stash. These two paired together are gorgeous bright and fun colors for this summer. I have a few manicures in mind for this beauty.

Center of Attention: "A rose pink glitter mixed in with duochrome yellow-orange micro-glitter" - Cult Nails
Two thin coats of glitter on the accent nail
I cannot wait to see this paired with a really hot pink this summer. Maybe even on my toes :) 

There are a lot of ideas floating around in my head for this collection, so this won't be the last you see of these gorgeous shades. Stay tuned! :)