June 6, 2013

Pinterest Week: Aboriginal Art inspired Dotticure

This was one of my favourite dotticures pinned on pinterest... unfortunately I botched it! haha

I laughed a little when Lucy (the original creator of this design) said that hers kind of looked like a bunch of random dots... when in fact, they looked like perfect spirals! Mine however really do look like random dots, at least to me.

Sorry for being a downer on my own design... a "fail" just means I get to try it again another time and be more careful :P

Either way... here is day 5 of pinterest week!

You can see my pin here and the original source here.

I started with a base of Finger Paints Artist's Inspiration. Then using a dotting tool added the swirly dotted design using Finger Paints Paper Mache and Orly Coffee Break. 

Lucy from Lucy's Stash was originally inspired by some Aboriginal Art which you can find in her original post.
 The lighting is off in this photo, but you can see the spiral design a little better I think. 

Either way I hope you are all enjoying Pinterest Week... only two days left so stay tuned! :)