June 8, 2013

Pinterest Week: Funky Animal Print

For the final day of Pinterest week I combined one of my favourite polishes with one of my favourite designs... animal print!

Unfortunately some pins on Pinterest do not have a source and this pin happens to be one of them. So if any of you know the original creator of this design please share below! :)

The original manicure was created using a blue polish, but I wanted to mix it up a little. The animal print was all freehand using a nail art brush. The polishes I used were Finger Paints Paper Mache & Black Expressionism, and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (which is much brighter than seen in photos)

The original manicure also didn't have the spots filled in on the index nail, but I felt that it looked unfinished so I filled mine in.

And that concludes Pinterest week!! I hope you all enjoyed it... it was very hard to choose just 7 designs to recreate out of the many many pins I have on my inspiration board... but maybe I will do this again another time.